Three Twins Vineyard

The Three Twins Vineyard comprises five acres of hillside vineyards, divided into 4 blocks.  Originally part of an old cattle ranch, the vineyard was conceived in 2004.  Located in the hills above St. Helena, at an elevation of 600 feet on the northern slopes of Lake Hennessy, the vineyard comprises two varietals of Three Twins Vineyard - Click on this picture to view a larger image Cabernet Sauvignon, clone 169 and clone 337, as well as a small block of Petit Verdot.  In all, there are almost 9000 vines.  Planted in 2005, the vineyard produced its first vintage in 2009.

Abundant morning sun gives way to moderated afternoon temperatures from the gentle updrafts off the lake.  Groves of olive trees, stone fruits, citrus and date palms also thrive in this microclimate.  Cool breezes temper hot summer days and allow the fruit an abundance of sunshine for ripening.  Rich soils, a mixture of volcanic ash and an under layer of gravel and flint, give forth fruit of the highest quality.


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