Stone The Crows

Stone the Crows is a single vineyard, estate grown wine, produced entirely of fruit from the Three Twins Vineyard.  Densely planted in 2005 on steep hillsides, the vines are pruned to yield no more than three tons per acre.  The fruit is crushed nearby in Angwin, at Black Sears, and aged for twenty months in French oak.  2009 Stone the Crows Cabernet Sauvignon Three Twins Vineyard - Click on this picture to view a larger image 225 cases will be bottled from the 2010 vintage, and 450 cases from the 2011 vintage.  In 2012, as the vines reach maturity, we expect to produce between 550 and 600 cases.

"Stone the Crows" is an Australian expression of incredulity or surprise, having very little to do with crows themselves.  While there are certainly an abundance of crows in the vineyard, they spend most of their day perched on the fence posts or soaring lazily overhead on the breezes off the lake.  They do little harm to the fruit, and live without fear of stoning.  We felt the expression was indicative of our initial reaction to the quality of the fruit produced from the vineyard.  "Stone the Crows," what an amazing wine!


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